The Eyes Are the Window of the Soul


Imagine waking up ready to, workout, shower...looking like the natural beauty that you are without the need for mascara and the unsightly raccoon eyes that always seem to go with it.   



Eyelash extensions are fantastic for those sensitive to mascara, wear contact lenses or who have sparse short lashes due to age, chemotherapy or genetics.  

am proud to only use Xtremelash brand of semi-permanent eyelash extensions which are unlike any other in the industry today.  A huge selection of length, thickness, curl and colour are available to achieve a look as natural or dramatic as you want.                            

How it is done-

You lay comfortably in a facial bed while each natural lash has a synthetic lash adhered to it ONE by ONE using a surgical grade adhesive specifically formulated for eyelashes.   

This bond is permanent, thus lasting until the natural shedding of your own lash.  As the shedding cycle varies with each individual, the extensions will gradually shed over a period of 4-8 weeks.




To maintain your look, fills are recommended every 2-4 weeks.  If this is a one time indulgence, such as a wedding or a holiday, your lashes will remain natural looking through the shedding process.  You can also return for lash removal.



The bond of the glue weakens with daily use of oil-based makeup and makeup removers.   Many people find they do not need to wear liner on there top lid any longer, but if you still find the need on a daily basis I offer GlidelinerMascara and Makeup Remover that are specifically formulated to use with Xtremelash.       

Xtremelash brand is the only one currently FDA approved in Canada.  Be cautious of the brand of lashes you choose as you want the utmost care for your natural lashes to prevent breakage and lose of lashes.  



In order to represent Xtremelash, only a licensed Esthetician or Nurse is eligible take the mandatory course for safety of application, sanitation, proper product usage, as well as lash design for different eye shapes to achieve the most flattering look.  

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