My name is Alison Wertz,

I started Long Beach Esthetics and Makeup in 2009 to offer Brides beauty services not yet available on the west coast of Vancouver Island.   

I believe when we feel beautiful, we are able to do anything we set our minds to.  I offer services and products that lead to improvements in your daily life, like eyelash extensions so you can skip the mascara and inevitable raccoon eyes, waxing to shorten your morning shower, gel nail polish so your nails don't chip the day after you get them polished....all while enhancing your true beauty.  That means you have more time for what is important in your life, like being with your children or being great at your job or reversing global warming (hey, we can dream)....

We also need a little boost every once and awhile from late nights, teething babies and long hours at work.  Why else are there so many brands of under-eye concealer?  We certainly are not perfect and faking it a little with a spray tan, new makeup or pretty nails doesn't harm anyone and may give us that kick we need.  But please, next time you look in the mirror tell yourself what is beautiful, maybe not perfect, but beautiful.


“There is certainly no absolute standard of beauty.  That precisely

is what makes its pursuit so interesting.”  ~ John Kenneth  


I have been a CABC Licensed Esthetician since 2001, during of which time I worked at high-end day spas in Vancouver and the Okanagan,ran my own Personal Training and Esthetic business and am now on the West coast of Vancouver Island focusing on Bridal beauty services.  By participating in ongoing education for skin care, makeup trends, new ingredients, safer alternatives, and a variety of esthetic techniques, I try to stay on top of advancements and offer balance between beauty and wellness.  There is still so much to learn about how the body is connected, how chemistry acts on the skin and the best way to do a kick-ass smokey eye!

After working with westcoast brides for years and always hearing about what they cannot find out here, or what is lacking for their wedding, I thought someone should help them.  Compass Wedding Cafe was born (referred to as my fourth child) where I get to play with flowers, craft wedding decor, plan weddings, and get my hands dirty styling beautiful spaces for weddings.  I have a great team behind me and a beautiful space to hang out in.  


My husband and I moved to the West Coast in the Fall '09 and we absolutely love it here.  There is never a dull moment with our three little girls who keep us laughing and remind us of what is important.  I spend my spare time (what is that?) playing on the beach, perusing design mags, crafting with my kids, and planning my next renovation (to the dismay of my husband).  

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